About the GO Team

One voter at a time. Hundreds of volunteers with our Grassroots Organizing Team connect with voters in their communities, building better turnout with a personal touch. By walking and talking with voters, we average a 14% increase in Democratic voter turnout in our GO Team covered precincts.

gocontact3That’s how Democrats win – with an outreach operation that works block-by-block, door-by-door, person-to-person.

San Diego’s nationally recognized GO Team, active since 2006, welcomes new members. We’re organized by community – helping build grassroots support for Democratic values and candidates.

gocontact1We provide training, support, and all the materials needed to talk to Democratic-friendly voters or to provide data support. During the months leading up to each election, GO Team members are walking/calling with a list of all the endorsed candidates to encourage full-ticket voting.

Grassroots action is central to our Party’s strategy for success. It fosters lasting personal connections and builds the Democratic community in every corner of the county.


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